Customized Innovation

1. Define
Together we define the project ambitions and goals. We help you set the resources and competencies needed, time schedule and project budget. We normally run this stage in a workshop format in combination with meetings and discussions. Needed time frame is in the range from one day to one week depending on the complexity of your project.

2. Screening
In this phase practical testing is in focus with time frame ranging from one week to one month. The aim is to look at possibilities and challenges from a technical and an economical perspective. The deliverables are a feasibility study and simple prototypes. Usually we are working with three dimensions parallel, material, process and product possibilities. The result is a basic concept to be developed more in detail in the concept development phase. The aim is to get 80 % of the information with just 20 % of the effort.

3. Concept Development
Here were take the results to a higher level. The aim is to develop a final concept to be validated and then taken into a commercialised business. The concept development can involve material, process and/or product development. Time frame is depending on the project scope and complexity, ranging from a couple of months to one year or more.

4. Prototyping
Prototyping is about verifying the concept. This can be either as producing prototypes or technical verification of material and process concepts.

5. Test Series
The aim of the test series is to verify the concept in near-industrial scale or real-life testing of the products.

6. Final Delivery
The project has reached its goal. The concept is being launched on the market!